About us

Founded in 1992 as Polaroid distributor for Bulgaria, Vip-Trading began with rapid growth in local market. Shortly after, we began distribution of PENTAX in 1998, HITACHI in 2002, Sanyo and Motorola in 2005, HTC in 2006, Leica and Sony PlayStation in 2009 and other major companies.

Currently VIP Trading Ltd. has representative offices to establish contacts with key customers, chains and mobile operators in Skopie, Novi Sad, Pristina and Tirana.

Currently VIP Trading Ltd. represents to Bulgarian market and neighboring countries more than 20 international companies – respected producers of game consoles and games, photographic products and photo materials, mobile phones and mibile technology, projectors and interactive demonstration products, radios, as well as sunglasses and a range of other technology solutions in electronics and optics.