With it’s modern high-grade products PENTAX is aimed to help you save the precious moment in your life. This is translated to end users like vast array of features and easy, friendly communication with technology, combined with high quality standards and professional precision and manufacturing.

Cameras and accesories
Cameras and accesories PENTAX
For years, PENTAX is a leader in creating innovative products.

For example in photo-industry:

  • 1952 – the first japanese 35mm SLR camera;
  • 1986 – world’s first compact camera with zoom lens;
  • 1997 – world’s first aotofocus medium format SLR camera;
  • 2001 – the smallest 4 megapixel digital camera;

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Sport optics
Sport optics PENTAX
We also have the opportunity to distribute PENTAX sport optics – one of world’s finest.
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