Sanyo Eneloop Lite

There are still people, who do not use low self discharge batteries yet. The reason? They still desire a more attractive price and shorter charging time. Now, to meet these demands, SANYO expands its eneloop line-up with eneloop lite. The new eneloop lite rechargeable battery is ideal for low-to-medium power consumption devices, such as DECT phones and remote controls.

The new eneloop lite does have the advantages of the classical eneloop: The rechargeable batteries are pre-charged and therefore ready to use right after being purchased. Because of its low self discharge eneloop lite will retain 75% of its initial charge even after 3 years of storage. The differences between eneloop lite and the classical eneloop become visible when comparing capacity and cycle life.

eneloop lite is rechargeable up to 2000 times, which makes it even more economically and environment-friendly. By reducing the amount of materials used, attractive prices have been realized.


Product Name eneloop lite
Technology Ni-MH
Size AA (mignon) AAA (micro)
Product Code HR-3UQ HR-4UQ
Nominal Voltage 1.2 V 1.2 V
Typ. Capacity 1000 mAh 600 mAh
Min. Capacity 900 mAh 550 mAh
Applications low-to-medium power consumption devices

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