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Founded in 1992 as exclusive Polaroid distributor for Bulgaria, Vip Trading started to grow rapidly on local market. Shortly after, new major brands and products are added to the portfolio - PENTAX in 1998, HITACHI DMG in 2002, Motorola in 2005, Leica in 2008, PlayStation in 2009, Activision in 2017.

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VIP Trading today

During the years, as soon as a product or brand grow - we created sister company with same owners and dedicated product manager and sales persons.

VIP Digivision – to handle all our photo brands and product
VIP Interactive Solutions – Projectors, Interactive Boards and Displays, Screens
VIP Mobile - …

VIP Trading is focused on the products and brands that have the higest potential for further development and grow - Playstation and Mobile phones and related products

So now our group represent in total more than 20 international companies – respected producers of game consoles, games, ip telephones and equipment, photographic products, mobile phones and tablets, projectors and interactive displays, Walky Talky, as well as sunglasses and fashion products.

We are listed with all key retailers, e-tailers and mobile operators.

We are always looking for new innovative products and technology.
After more than 25 years in business we sell in fact first our own name as guarantee for the products we bring to our customers


Those are the most important brands our group represent today.
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Latest news
PS4 games explode into life with intensely sharp graphics, stunningly vibrant colours and smoother, more stable performance.

Every PS4 game is playable on PS4 Pro at a minimum of 1080p with an HD TV. Some have PS4 Pro features built-in, while others get a boost to enhance their performance and graphics.
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The new amazing dual screen mobile AXON M – expected 07.2018

Full 2-year Product Warranty from date of purchase
Free Advanced Exchanges
Free 2-way Shipping
Free Setup Service & Replacement Assistance
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