SnapCam LE is the ultimate wearable camera.


SnapCam LE is a wearable 1080p HD video camera. Giving you a fun, hands-free way to capture and share all of your visual moments. Instantly capture, store and share.

Leica M10 The camera.


Its unique balance of heritage and technical innovation embodies the essence of everything that is truly important for photography.
Compact dimensions, improved performance and the new ISO setting dial on the top plate offer M-Photographers what they wish for from an M-Camera.

X3 Soul PRO


Hello everyone, I bought X3 PRO soul, well these are my impressions: the device comes with an elegant and refined line, the software is excellent "amigo OS" does not disappoint.
Very responsive in any situation, the camera deserves applause, great shots and video footage, good battery life, I thank the sales service for the accuracy and punctuality demonstrated.
I recommend purchasing this fantastic smartphone!.

Introducing the PlayStation 4.


You've come to the right place. Exclusive games take you on incredible journeys, from critically acclaimed indies to award-winning AAA hits.

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